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Some tips to keep your pet cool in the Summer.

Here we go with cool tips to keep your pet cool in the Summer! Check it and try it out!

1) Exercise your dogs in the early morning, evening, or late at night:

Take advantage of the cooler parts of the day to exercise your dog. Remember that your dog has a fur coat to manage and will heat up much faster than you would. Also, be mindful in urban areas as concrete and asphalt can get really hot on even mildly hot days (78 degrees). Before you walk your dog, take your shoes off and test the temperature of the ground with your bare foot.

2) Get your pet in the water.

If there are no water features in your area, invest in a backyard kiddie pool. They are cheap but provide immediate relief from the heat.

3) Keep your home cool.

(If you have A/C, great! turn it on... now, some tips if you don't have it)

Purchase thick sun-blocking curtains to use during the day, and open your windows at night. This strategy will allow cool air to come in during the night, and keep your home from getting hot during the day.

4) Remove your rugs for the Summer.

Remove most of the carpets/rugs from your pet’s area to allow them a space to lie on bare tile or wood floors.

5) Make use fo frozen treats.

Frozen treats and goodies in the summer are a classic way to cool down as well. But these tend to get messy, so the following tips are especially great if you have a backyard. Your pet will love it!

6) Give your pet a haircut.

Many animals can benefit from a haircut in the summer, but you should consider each animal breed origins before getting the clippers out. Always ask your groomer about the best haircut for your furry friend. (Call us at (908) 494-4168, Wonder Pet Grooming will be ready to help you).

7) Always keep fresh food and water in the bowls, so you can keep your pet hydrated in this hot weather, that's really important!

Follow these tips and have a safe and fun summer with your best friend!

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