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Tips for cats owners: When your cat wakes you up.

"Cats instinctively know the exact moment that their owners will wake up ... So they wake them up ten minutes before" - Jim Davis, creator of Garfield cat.

- Firstly, a cat loves to get attention from his owner. The belief that cats love the house and doesn't love their owners is not true. While your kitten sleeps all day (probably when you are away at work), when you arrive, he wants your attention, your companionship and affection. So beyond belief that he knows the moment you wake up, he can also be waking you up because he wants you to spend a little time with him, play, offer food, etc., as a way to show that you care about your kitten . Plan to spend some time with him when you arrive, or just before bedtime. Play, offer food, make him expend energy and show that you like to be near him. The fact that he spends energy and feeds at night with you, can decrease his desire to wake you up and ask for company / food. But maybe he'll wake you up anyway. Never scold your kitten - cats do not associate the punishment they receive, like dogs do. He will become a fearful animal, and he will not act as you wish. Ideally, listen to his requests and even anticipate them - as in the case of spending a few minutes of your evening with him, on a schedule set by you - until he gets used to it.

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